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Discover how CyberTrust 365 cybersecurity managed services can deliver proactive defense, 24/7 monitoring, and rapid response to attacks. Secure your business, click here to learn more!

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Who we are

Cybertrust 365 Managed Security Service Provider is the SecureGate Business Unit dedicated to Managed Cybersecurity Services.

Our goal? To manage all the cybersecurity activities offering you personalized solutions. Monitoring, prevention and respond to any type of threat. We are committed to protect your company.

We are present globally with a growing network of partners, with whom we meet your specific needs.

// our services

Managed Cyber Security Services


External Attack Surface Management and Dark Web monitoring

MDR - Managed Detection and Response

Proactive 24/7 intervention and monitoring to protect you from any threat

Security E-Mail Gateway

Protection against e-mail cyber threats


Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

SOC as a Service

A dedicated team of experts that takes care of the security of your IT infrastructure by counteracting threats at any time

Security Advisor

Consulting activities to secure the corporate IT perimeter

Managed SIEM

Collection, analysis and correlation of information On-premises or Cloud

Brand Protection

Protection of corporate image integrity, reputation and digital assests form online threats

BYOS (Build Your Own SOC)

Service dedicated to Partners and Resellers for the creation of a private SOC

UI/UX Design

Build the product you need on time with an experienced team that uses a clear and effective design.

Dedicated Team

Over the past decade, our customers succeeded by leveraging Intellectsoft’s process of building, motivating.

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The approach of CyberTrust 365

We take a customer-centric approach. We start from a first phase in which we define the perimeters and security priorities for your infrastructure. 

We then implement all the management activities in a progressive way, defining the most suitable security project based on the Compliance to be respected in your sector.

  • Analysis and start up
  • Implementation
  • Continuous monitoring
Managed Security Service Provider - gestione completa della sicurezza informatica
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Why choose CyberTrust 365

Specialized expertise
Specialized expertise
Managed services allow you to access a team of cybersecurity experts. Our professionals are constantly updated on the latest cyber threats and can implement best security practices to protect your company.
24/7 monitoring
24/7 monitoring
We provide continuous monitoring of your company's IT environment. This means that threats are detected promptly, and necessary actions are taken immediately, minimizing the risk of severe security breaches.
Incident response
Incident response
In case of breaches or attacks, we ensure a fast and effective response. Our team of experts acts promptly to mitigate the incident, minimizing the impact and restoring the organization's IT infrastructure
Cost reduction
Cost reduction
Choosing a managed service can be more cost-effective compared to creating and managing an entire in-house security team. This helps reduce personnel costs, training expenses, and security tools.
Flexibility and scalability
Flexibility and scalability
Managed services can be customized to meet your company's specific needs. You can adapt the services based on the size, budget, and growth requirements of your company, ensuring a scalable solution.
Focus on core business
Focus on core business
By entrusting cybersecurity to an external provider, you can focus on your company's core activities without having to allocate resources and time to security management

SGBox: proprietary modular platform

CyberTrust 365’s managed services use the proprietary SGBox platform to collect data and develop cyber threat defense processes.

SGBox is a highly customizable and scalable modular solution, designed to provide detailed visibility within network security status and manage Compliance requirements.

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