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Responding to the most complex threats

CyberTrust 365 provides a cutting-edge Threat Intelligence service to increase the protection of your company from increasingly sophisticated and targeted cyber threats. We know how critical is to have a deep knowledge of the digital threat landscape to prevent and mitigate the attacks.

The Threat Intelligence service consists of gathering detailed information about a company’s cybersecurity threats to prevent cyber attacks before they occur.

In today’s increasingly digitalized and interconnected environment, cyber threats are increasingly sophisticated and frequent. Passive analysis of breaches to your IT structure is no longer enough: you need to anticipate them to avoid complications.

Investing on this service means protecting your business in a proactive and prepared way. Thanks to cyber threats knowledge and ability to prevent attacks, we can keep your infrastructure and data safe.

How does Threat Intelligence work?

Threat Intelligence starts by collecting data from different sources, such as research reports, public sources, collaborations with other organizations and internal analysis. This information is then processed and analyzed to identify the patterns, trends and techniques used by attackers.

Threat Intelligence analytics enables us to gain a clearer and deeper insight into the threats that could affect your computer systems. This process helps to identify vulnerabilities, weaknesses and potential targets of attackers.

CyberTrust 365 metodology

Our team of Threat intelligence experts is constantly monitoring the global cyber threats landscape.

We collect, analyze and interpret a wide range of information from trusted and recognized sources. This allows us to understand the tactics, techniques and procedures used by attackers, as well as identify new emerging attack trends and vectors.

Our Threat intelligence provides several key advantages for the company:

Anticipation of threats

With our ability to analyze and interpret data, we are able to proactively identify new threats before they hit your organization. This allows you to take timely preventive measures and make informed decisions to protect your systems.

Collaboration and sharing of information

Our Threat Intelligence helps organizations share threat information. Through a collaborative network, we are able to spread alerts and Indicators of compromise (Ioc) to protect the entire business community. We can also work closely with your security team to share relevant information and address common threats.

Tailor-made protection

Our Threat Intelligence is customized to satisfy the specific needs of your company. We analyze the threats that can affect your sector, your IT structure and your digital resources, providing specific information and recommendation to mitigate the risks.

Improvement of safety decisions

With access to accurate and up-to-date information about cyber threats, you’ll be able to make more informed business security decisions. You’ll identify critical areas that require more attention and allocate resources effectively to reduce attack risks.