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What are Managed Services for cybersecurity?

"Managed Services" refers to the complete range of services and technologies that an IT partner can provide to a company to monitor, detect, and respond to cybersecurity threats. This includes firewall management, intrusion detection, security log analysis, and more.

What are the benefits of Managed Services?

Managed Services allow companies to externally entrust all operations related to IT security management, resulting in significant cost savings, time efficiency, and reduced internal resource utilization. The use of managed services for cybersecurity offers several advantages, including continuous 24/7 protection, specialized expertise from security professionals, quick response to attacks, reduction in operational costs, and access to advanced cybersecurity technologies.

How does 24/7 monitoring of Managed Services for cybersecurity work?

24/7 monitoring of Managed Services for cybersecurity relies on the use of advanced monitoring tools that constantly analyze the organization's IT environment. Any anomalies, suspicious activities, or signs of threats are identified and reported to our dedicated team, who take necessary actions to mitigate the attack.

How much does a Managed Service cost?

The cost varies based on the specific needs of the clients: Cybertrust365 conducts an analysis of the state of the art of the IT security infrastructure and then proceeds with the startup and implementation phase.



What is a Managed Service Provider Agreement?

The Managed Service Provider Agreement is a contract between the service provider (MSP) and the client, outlining the set of solutions and activities to be developed.

What are the differences between Managed Services for cybersecurity and traditional security services?

Managed Services for cybersecurity offer proactive management, a dedicated team of experts, and 24/7 coverage, whereas traditional security services require in-house management of security activities and may be limited to specific working hours.


Are Managed Services suitable for all business sizes?

Yes, Managed Services are suitable for all business sizes. CyberTrust 365 can customize offerings to meet the specific needs of each organization, regardless of size or industry.

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