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What is the External Attack Surface Management?

External Attack Surface Management (EASM) is a service that focuses on the management of vulnerabilities and risks presented by IT assets exposed outside an organization, namely those accessible from the Internet or other external networks.

Protection from Dark Web threats

The Dark Web is represented by unpredictable sites that hide many pitfalls. 

CyberTrust 365’s External Attack Surface Management service automatically scans the Internet and the Dark Web to protect your browsing and detect potential threats at any time.

With our advanced IP and domains mapping engines, we enable you to track your continuously evolving attack surface so that hackers don’t target your blind spots in your IT infrastrcuture.

Thanks to the password analysis module, it is possible to detect the passwords of users leaked in the Dark and Public Web and send timely alerts.

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The advantages of External Attack Surface Management

Continuous detection and mapping
Continuous detection and mapping
It allows you to continuously locate and map the digital attack surface, offering an external view of the online infrastructure.
Visibility and prioritisation of risks
Visibility and prioritisation of risks
It provides visibility into the attack surface and helps prioritize risks, allowing organizations to focus their resources on the most critical areas.
Improving vulnerabilities control
Improving vulnerabilities control
It extends vulnerability and exposure control beyond the firewall, allowing organizations to take preventive and corrective measures.
Management of long-term changes
Management of long-term changes
It helps manage changes to the attack surface over time, allowing organizations to proactively adapt to new threats and vulnerabilities.

Key features of External Attack Surface Management

Automation of external asset discovery

External Attack Surface managementautomates the discovery and analysis of external assets to identify vulnerabilities, configuration errors and exposures.

Dynamic inventory of external resources

It provides a dynamic inventory of external resources across the Internet and in Cloud environments, allowing organizations to better identify and understand their online exposures.

Visibility of company IT infrastructure

It provides detailed visibility into the enterprise ecosystem, allowing organizations to proactively assess and manage risks related to their external attack surface.