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What is the Enterprise Risk Management?

The Enterprise Risk Management Service consists of the process of identifying, analysing and evaluating IT risk within your IT infrastructure.

This activity allows us to ensure that security controls are appropriate to the risks facing your organization.

In today’s hyper-connected reality, risk assessment is critical to making the right cybersecurity choices, optimizing time, effort and resources.

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The benefits of Enterprise Risk Management

Effectiveness of countermeasures
Effectiveness of countermeasures
The risk assessment shall make it possible to understand the effectiveness of existing countermeasures only after the risks have been explicitly identified. This allows to reason about the new countermeasures to be taken and the potential effectiveness.
Selection of priorities
Selection of priorities
The assessment of the risks detected allows the decision to give priority to the countermeasures to be taken. In this way an informed decision can be made, assessing the costs of their implementation and the potential consequences.
Comprehensive overview
Comprehensive overview
Performing a risk assessment will create a comprehensive overview of your organization’s strengths and weaknesses.
Preparation to an attack
Preparation to an attack
Improve preparedness during a cyber attack or prevent one by addressing identified weaknesses.

Improve your security risk analysis

  • Provides a risk assessment and a data oriented conformity assessment.
  • Automatically detect the Asset Inventory
    present on the network in perimeter (internal and external).
  • Rebuilds all network communications between assets  
    to create a data-driven infrastructure model.
  • Allows to produce a roadmap of interventions
    for risk mitigation useful for achieving expected risk targets and compliance.
  • «Lightweight» setup via probe for monitoring the non-invasive traffic and agents for asset inventory.
  • Integrated reporting, specific view extraction and export of raw data.
ERM within the SOC Service
The Enterprise Risk Management Service can be part of the activities offered by the CyberTrust 365 SOC Service, to offer an additional level of analysis, configuration verification and detailed mapping of incidents.
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