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What is Security E-Mail Gateway?

The Security E-Mail Gateway Service is critical to protecting your business from malicious content from emails.

The goal of the Security E-Mail Gateway is to constantly analyze the threat and attack landscape to address security incidents as quickly as possible and monitor the organization’s reaction.

// Additional defense against email threats

The importance of
Security E-Mail Gateway

Email-based attacks represent a constant threat to businesses.

CyberTrust 365’s Security E-Mail Gateway activity aims to offer robust protection against email threats by blocking known and emerging email threats to ensure that only legitimate and secure messages are received.

In this way it will be possible to effectively combat different types of attacks such as spam, malware, phishing, email fraud, zero-day threats etc…

Security E-Mail Gateway functionalities

Blocking of viruses and malware

To block potentially malicious emails, the Security E-mail Gateway performs a constant scan of all emails to be updated in real time with the features of the latest threats.

Spam filter

The spam filter provides a pre-filter technology that blocks or quarantines known or emerging emails. The spam filter can also detect patterns commonly found in spam emails, such as spammers' most-used keywords and links that, if clicked, can lead the recipient to a malicious site.

Content filtering

Content filtering is usually applied to outgoing emails sent by users within the company. For example, you can configure the Secure Email Gateway to prevent sending specific sensitive documents to an external recipient or block sending specific image files or keywords through the email system.

Archiving of emails

The Security E-mail Gateway protects mail storage to simplify mailbox management and system efficiency in a privacy-compliant manner.