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Threats from the Dark Web: how External Attack Surface Management (EASM) protect businesses

Threats from the Dark Web: How External Attack Surface Management can protect businesses.

Digital ecosystems are constantly under threat from cyber attacks originating from various sources, including the sinister and lesser-known Dark Web.

Companies, regardless of their size, are increasingly exposed to cybersecurity risks that could jeopardize their security and operational stability.

In this context, External Attack Surface Management (EASM) emerges as an effective weapon to shield against the dangers lurking in the Dark Web.

What is External Attack Surface Management (EASM)?

External Attack Surface Management (EASM) is a proactive cybersecurity solution aimed at identifying, monitoring, and protecting all external attack surfaces of a company.

This includes all digital resources visible and accessible from outside the organization, such as websites, servers, Cloud applications, and more.

The primary goal of EASM is to reduce the attack surface by limiting vulnerabilities that can be exploited by cyber attackers.

What is the Dark Web and what are the potential threats to businesses?

The Dark Web is a hidden and unindexed part of the internet often used for illegal activities, such as selling drugs, weapons, stolen personal data, and tools for cyber attacks.

Companies are frequently targeted by cybercriminals operating in the Dark Web to steal sensitive data, extort money, or damage the company’s reputation.

Threats originating from the Dark Web can be devastating for a company, leading to financial losses, reputational damage, and violations of customer privacy.

How External Attack Surface Management (EASM) protects against Dark Web threats

External Attack Surface Management plays a crucial role in protecting companies from Dark Web threats.

Here’s how:

  • Continuous Monitoring

EASM utilizes sophisticated tools to continuously monitor the company’s presence on the internet, identifying any unauthorized exposures or vulnerabilities that could be exploited by Dark Web attackers.

This proactive monitoring allows companies to promptly detect any threats and take preventive measures before they escalate into major issues.

  • In-Depth Risk Analysis

Through analysis of collected data, EASM evaluates the potential risks associated with the company’s external exposures.

This analysis provides a clear understanding of vulnerabilities and possible threats from the Dark Web, enabling companies to prioritize security actions and effectively mitigate risks.

  • Vulnerability Management

Building on risk analysis, EASM helps companies manage identified vulnerabilities by implementing corrective measures to minimize the risk of exploitation by Dark Web attackers.

This may include system patching, enhanced security configurations, and implementation of stricter access controls.

Benefits of its use

Adopting External Attack Surface Management brings numerous benefits for companies, including:

– Increased security: significantly reduces the risk of data compromise and business asset breaches.

– Intact reputation: protects the company’s reputation by avoiding customer privacy violations or damage to the corporate image.

– Compliance with privacy regulations: helps companies comply with privacy regulations and data security legislation.

– Resource savings: prevents financial losses due to security breaches and associated legal costs.

External Attack Surface Management represents a robust defense against Dark Web threats, enabling companies to protect their data, reputation, and business success in an increasingly dangerous digital environment.

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