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Why is Mean time to Detection important to SOC Managers

Mean Time to Detect

The Mean Time To Detect (MTTD) is a crucial metric for SOC Managers because it represents the time it takes to identify a security incident within an organization’s IT infrastructure.

A short Mean Time To Detect indicates a rapid detection capability, which is fundamental for mitigating the impact of a cyberattack.

Why MTTD it important for SOC Managers?

Incident impact reduction: Timely incident detection helps limit the damage an attack can cause to IT infrastructure and corporate data.

  • Improved incident response: with a reduced MTTD, security teams can initiate response operations more quickly, such as forensic analysis and attack mitigation, thereby reducing the Mean Time To Respond (MTTR).
  • Regulatory compliance: a short MTTD helps ensure that notifications to users, regulatory bodies, and law enforcement are made in accordance with applicable regulations.
  • Customer confidence: a SOC demonstrating the ability to rapidly detect threats can enhance customers’ trust in the security of the organization’s services.
  • Resource management: monitoring MTTD helps CISOs (Chief Information Security Officers) evaluate their team’s performance and the security solutions in use, allowing them to optimize resource utilization and justify security investments.
  • Future attack prevention: by analyzing detected incidents and the time taken to identify them, SOC Managers can identify areas for improvement in security strategies and prevent similar attacks in the future.

CyberTrust 365 Approach

CyberTrust 365 offers an integrated Security Operation Center service for analysis, monitoring, and response to security incidents through proactive and continuous 24/7 action.

What distinguishes CyberTrust 365’s approach is the synergy between the functions comprising the SOC and the close relationship between Prevention activities supporting Detection & Response activities, a key factor in preventing an attack before it occurs and significantly reducing the mean time to detect and respond to cyber threats.

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