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What is Managed Detection and Response (MDR)?

Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is one of the most effective Managed Security Services for SMEs to cope with the growing and changing cyber attacks that occur in today’s digital landscape.

Employing an expert team dedicated to 24/7 monitoring, detection and threat response allows small and medium-sized businesses to protect business continuity and maintain a high competitive level.

Let’s see in detail the features of the MDR service, what it serves and what benefits it can bring.

The definition of Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

The Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service provides enterprises with Security Operation Center (SOC) functions through an external Provider, which performs threat containment, remediation, and recovery.

These functions allow to detect, analyze, investigate and proactively respond to cyber threats, through the constant monitoring and the detection of attacks.

They offer a turnkey experience, using a default technology stack that commonly covers endpoints, network, logs, and the Cloud.

How Managed Detection and Response works

The service Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is based on a combination of advanced technologies and specialized human expertise.

IT experts carefully analyze incoming data. Using advanced analytics and in-depth knowledge of cyber threats, they identify suspicious patterns or abnormal behaviors that may indicate an attack is taking place.

Once the threat is confirmed, the team takes immediate action to mitigate it and restore operations. This may include stopping malicious processes, isolating compromised devices, or disconnecting from infected servers.

  • Advanced monitoring: MDR uses advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to constantly analyze data and detect suspicious activities within the company’s IT network. The constant monitoring allows you to detect hidden threats that could escape traditional solutions.
  • Threat detection and analysis: with the use of behavioral analysis and digital signatures, the MDR is able to accurately and timely detect malicious activity or anomalies in the network. Its ability to detect threats greatly improves the chances of intercepting attacks before they occur.
  • Automatic response: when a threat is detected, the MDR automatically activates predefined security measures to isolate and contain the threat. This automatic response minimizes the reaction time to the attack and the potential negative impact on the company.
  • Forensic analysis: After a security incident, the MDR provides a detailed analysis of the event, allowing the company to understand the extent of the damage and take measures to prevent similar attacks in the future.

What challenges does MDR address?

  • Evolving Threat Landscape: Cyberattacks are increasing in speed and sophistication, requiring continuous monitoring, proactive hunting and immediate response to stop these attacks before damage can be done.
  • Limited Resources: Companies are challenged to prioritize limited resources to combat sophisticated threat actors and tactics. For this it is necessary to rely on a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP).
  • Alert Fatigue: Security teams are overwhelmed by too many low fidelity alerts and often don’t have additional time for threat hunting.

Managed Detection and Response benefits for SMEs

One of the targets most affected by cyber attacks is SMEs, which most often pay little attention to cyber threats and have limited resources to manage cybersecurity activities.

Another risk scenario is internal digital networks (such as NAS and business systems), IoT devices, and employee awareness of cyber threats, such as phishing attacks.

MDR is a proactive cybersecurity solution that enables SMEs to have a dedicated team of IT specialists capable of detecting, responding and mitigating cyber threats in real time.

Unlike traditional solutions that focus primarily on prevention, MDR goes further by offering constant monitoring and immediate response to potential threats:

  • Advanced protection: MDR service offers an advanced level of protection that goes beyond traditional security solutions. This helps to successfully prevent and mitigate cyber threats.
  • Reduction of risks: respond effectively to attacks reduce the risk of financial loss and reputation damages caused by data violation.
  • Focus on core business: With the MDR service taking care of cybersecurity, SMEs can focus on their core activities without having to train internal resources to address cyber threats.
  • Privacy compliance: Many SMEs operate in industries subject to strict regulations. MDR service helps maintain regulatory compliance by protecting sensitive data.
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